Drew Diana and Brooklyn

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day gift

I think it's safe to say that Drew loved these!

She slept the whole time and completely redeemed herself after the last fiasco!

first modeling gig

Brooklyn cried, screamed, pooped on the props and was all around uncooperative for the photographer. Thankfully, we still got some good shots!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

meet Brooklyn

Better late than never...
Brooklyn is 3 weeks old today! Time for an update!

We went to my OB appointment on Tuesday, May 18th. Two days before my due date. My doctor checked me and with no real change from the week before, asked what we wanted to do. We somewhat jokingly told him that we wanted to be induced that day and *snap* were scheduled for an induction 2 hrs later. I only mildly freaked out on the way home!

We arrived at the hospital that evening and got things rolling. I rested comfortably throughout the night and my mom and Drew slept not so soundly as well. I was the only patient in L&D so we were somewhat spoiled. We also had many friends from my Peds staff and NICU come to visit. They brought tons of food, drinks and gifts for the baby. (We also got some condoms from one friend. Thanks Shaunna! Could have used those about 9 months ago!)

My water broke around 6:30 the next morning and intstantly my contractions went from tolerable to HOLY HELL! Thanks NOBODY for warning me! The nurse checked me and I was at 5cm. I soon after started throwing up as well. Good times, good times! I got my epidural around 8:30 am and life was once again great! Is it inappropriate to want to kiss the anesthesiologist?

I began pushing at 1:00 pm and honestly couldn't feel anything. I kept watching the monitor to see when I was contracting. Not exactly the most productive way to push out a baby! They turned my epidural off 20 minutes after starting and I quickly could feel it all! Girlfriend came flying out about half an hour later!

Brooklyn Mary was born at 2:01pm on Wednesday, the 19th of May.
She weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

We stayed in the hospital until Friday morning and were excited to get home.

We had lots of family in town and obviously have many more pictures to share! One post at a time...

We are completely smitten with this little girl and feel so blessed to have her finally here!

A new person. A sweet baby girl. A part of our lives forever!
What could possibly be more exciting than that?!